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August 2023

  • Satya Omprabha defended her thesis. Congrats Satya!

July 2023

  • Dr. Subramanian gave an invited talk at the 5th BiogroupIndia meet held at JNCASR, Bangalore on 17th July 2023

June 2023

  • Devika presents her work  in the SRIP poster session.

  • Subhankar receives the prestigious DAAD KOSPIE India scholarship to do this M. Tech research in Germany! Congrats Subhankar!! He will work in Prof. Theo Lange's group at Technische University Braunschweig


May 2023

  • Dr.Subramanian 's article in collaboration with the Samuel Lab, summarising the recent Nature paper (Huang et al. 2023) is published in Current Biology!

  • Two SRIP 2023 interns Ms.Devika Miglani and Mr. Shashank Verma join over lab for this summer. Welcome Devika and Shashank!

  • Dr. Nilesh's research is highlighted in The Post D0c Times!

March 2023

  • Dr.Subramanian delivered a Key note presentation in the 7th edition of Global congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology (Magnus Group)

  • Dr. Subramanian served as a judge in the state level inter college competition "Biotechnology lead ideas to solve local problems" held at IITGN

February 2023

  • We celebrated National Science day. Our lab explained the process of tissue culture to school students

  • Raviraj Barot completed his M.Sc. thesis project at IITGN

  • We received a grant from LT&T company for the cotton smart farming project with Prof. Shanmughanathan Raman and Prof. Pankaj Khanna!

  • Dr. Subramanian attended the Young investigators meeting held at IITGN and Ahmedabad University

  • Satya Omprabha from Central University of Gujarat joins the lab for M.Sc. dissertation project! Welcome Satya!

January 2023

  • Dr. Charli Kaushal joined our lab (Jan 11th)! Welcome Charli!

  • Hemal is selected for DST INSPIRE fellowship for his PhD! Congratulations!

  •  Subhojit and Snigdha joined our lab for PhD (Jan 2nd)! Welcome Subhojit and Snigdha!

December 2022

  • Dr. Subramanian's invited article titled "Returning home and integrating with Indian Science" is published by IndiaBioScience

November 2022

  • Mr.Raviraj Barot a student of Sardar Patel University joined our lab for his M.Sc. thesis. Welcome Raviraj!

  • Dr. Abhinandan Kumar from 20/20 seeds, Canada visited IITGN and delivered an exciting talk titled "The regulatory mechanisms of incest control in Brassica"

October 2022

  • Dr. Subramanian is selected for the DBT-Ramaligaswami fellowship (2021-2022)

  • The lab receives a grant  from GSBTM to develop groundnut cultivars with improved oil quality using a CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing approach. The project is in collaboration with Dr.Bhuvan Pathak's lab

  • Dr. Subramanian joins the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Plant Science as a Review Editor

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