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Chili Plant

Plant Molecular & Developmental Cell Biology Laboratory (PMDCB Lab)

We are interested in understanding the molecular basis of pollination in plants.  Our lab studies how cell-to-cell communication works in plants and explores the cellular signaling events which are essential for successful pollination. We focus on the early pollen-pistil interactions that occurs during compatible and self-incompatible pollinations using Arabidopsis and Brassica model systems. We also utilize Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco) for basic cell biology studies. Our lab also explores other diverse aspects of plant reproductive development which are critical determinants of successful reproduction. Given the fact that crop-yield is the most important agronomic trait, understanding the molecular mechanism behind plant reproduction will allow us to engineer plants with improved crop yield.

Our lab uses plant molecular genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, genomics, proteomics, genome editing and advanced live cell imaging techniques to probe the cell signaling and developmental events.

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